Specials – Massages …and this is how we pamper you!

classic massages

tailored to your needs

Back massage20 Minutes22,00 €
Full massage (arms, legs, back)45 Minutes38,00 €
Full body massage60 Minutes52,00 €

aroma oil massages

tailored to your needs and fragrance preferences

back massage20 Minutes25,00 €
full massage (arms.legs, back)45 Minutes40,00 €
Entire body60 Minutes58,00 €

candle massages

sensual ceremony, with warm candle oil

Back massage20 Minutes28,00 €
Full massage (arms, legs, back)45 Minutes42,00 €

hot-stone massages

the hot stone massage is a massage treatment with heated lava basalt stones, which bring about a soothing deep relaxation.

Back25 Minutes17,50 €
Entire body40 Minutes26,00 €
Manually lymphatic massage45 Minutes29,00 €

face and head massages

face and head massage20 Minutes24,00 €

foot massages

foot massage20 Minutes22,00 €

body scrubs

the exfoliation removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and promotes microcirculation. The skin is perfectly cleansed, it becomes silky smooth and supple.

Sea salt peeling25 Minutes28,00 €
Sea sand peeling25 Minutes28,00 €
Rügen healing chalk peeling25 Minutes28,00 €
Sea salt scrub back massage30 Minutes40,00 €
Sea salt scrubfull body massage60 Minutes65,00 €

facial scrubs

Amber powder peeling15 Minutes18,00 €
smoothing face peeling15 Minutes18,00 €

body wraps

Body wraps combine the relaxation of body and mind with an excellent care of the skin.

Algae pack30 Minutes35,00 €
Rügen healing chalk pack30 Minutes35,00 €
Cleopatra – pack30 Minutes35,00 €
Aloe – vera – pack30 Minutes35,00 €
Evening primrose oil – pack30 Minutes35,00 €

face masks

The intensive care ist tailored to the individual needs of your skin.

Algae facial mask25 Minutes25,00 €
Amber face mask25 Minutes25,00 €
Herbal face mask25 Minutes25,00 €
Rügen chalk face mask25 Minutes25,00 €
Chocolate face mask25 Minutes25,00 €
Active ingredient ampoules25 Minutes25,00 €

Saunas, care & relaxation

Sauna use
1,5 Hours10,50 € (jper started 0,5 hour = 5,00 € sucharge)
5-times card5 x 1,5 Hours49,00 €
10-times card10 x 1,5 hours94,00 €
Solarium15 Minutes3,00 €
whirlpool (Jacuzzi)20 Minutes5,00 €
Gym use1 Hour3,50 € (per started 0,5 hour = 1,00 € sucharge)

opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday13:00 to 19:00
Sundays and Mondaysclosed

Massage appointments only by prior appointment – also possible on weekends.